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Why MagTrax?

Clutter Free Track Building.

Sticks to the walls so it doesn't take up floor space or become a foot killer.

Less Screen Time. 

More STEM Time.

Build creativity and problem solving skills in a way that doesn't involve a screen.

Fun Alone and 

with Others.

Build an amazing track by yourself or find a friend to race or build a monster track with.

Build Anywhere Using...

Metal Wall Plates

Included with Kits are metal wall plates and Fun-Ta wall putty so MagTrax can be on just about any wall in your house.

Wall plates and putty work best on semi-gloss and gloss paint. Always use as directed by putty manufacturer and test on inconspicuous area before use. Impact Creativity LLC not liable for any damage caused by wall putty use.

Any Magnet-Compatible Surface

MagTrax can also be built on magnet boards, fridges, metal doors, or other surfaces that magnets stick to.

Endless Possibilities

Choose from 25+ different types of track pieces to build your tracks.*

*Not all kits include every type of track

Included with Each Kit

Tracks + Marbles + Mini Metal Wall Plates/Fun-Tak® Wall Putty (Optional) + BONUS: Drawstring Storage Bag

Featured Tracks

30 Day guarantee

We are confident you will LOVE building MagTrax, but if you don't for any reason, return them within 30 days for a complete refund.


MagTrax are manufactured & assembled in the USA* with 100% U.S. made plastic to support our local economy & ensure the highest quality possible. 

*Magnets, steel plates, and other materials may be imported.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
M. Stephen Short II
Great idea!

Fun for kids, grandkids and grandparents! Mounted 2x3 metal sheets from home improvement center with 9 command (3M) strips makes for easy changes! We have 2 sheets together, and it fits the 75 piece set. Could be as large as you want to go.

Kennith Fabert
Pretty Darn Neat!

Got this for the kids and also to solve some empty wall space we didn't know what to do with.
Bought some bronze coated metal sheets and bordered it with cord hiders for a clean look that goes with our living room.
Son has been tinkering with it like crazy, and got him off Fortnite for once, lol.

Derek E
Fun for All Ages

The family really loves playing around with MagTrax. We have it on the side of our refrigerator which makes for family fun as kids (*adults) play while waiting for a meal or snack to finish cooking.

John Renouard
So Fun!

We ordered the MagTrax for our young Grandkids, but all of our 20+ year-old kids and their friends/spouses took it over and were running competitions all night. It was a lot of fun, maybe next time they'll let the little ones play with it!

Brandy Rodriguez
Worth it!

Great product! We will buy again for friends! The adults are playing with it as well. Just info: we have a Rustoleum magnetic wall. It was not strong enough to handle tracks with marbles flying around. Used gorilla mounting putty (it is white) and mounted 12”x8” galvanized metal roof shingles from Home Depot ($1.17 a tile) to give a large area of magnet fun.

In the Press.

Order Individual Tracks

In case you want to customize! 

Extra Fun-Tak® wall putty and Mini Metal Wall Plates can also be ordered below.


























Order Extras

Pack of Mini Metal Wall Plates for expanding your track (wall putty sold separately).

(Dimensions: 2.4" x 0.55")

2 oz. package of 80 individual pre-scored tabs.

About MagTrax

Internationally Patent Pending.

MagTrax is internationally patent pending so we can continue to develop new tracks, invest in expensive equipment to bring you the highest quality product possible, and protect the investment made to develop MagTrax into the awesome product it is now.