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Over 1 billion people in the world lack access to clean water. 

We're helping by donating funding for to provide one child with clean water for life for every MagTrax Set purchased.

The Water Challenge

Water is foundational and essential to just about every other thing we do as human beings. Without access to clean water, all other aspects of life are much more difficult. For example, without clean water, people often have poor health. Without good health, people can't work. Without being able to work, people can't provide food and shelter for themselves and improve their life situation. Providing water has many far-reaching benefits.

The Village Drill being used to drill a water borehole in Uganda in Aug 2017.


The "WHO" in stands for "Water, Health, and Opportunity." is the only organization in the world to develop a human powered water borehole drill, which they call the "Village Drill". 

The Village Drill is a game-changer for many people needing clean water because it is much more portable than conventional water drilling equipment and is able to reach remote areas that others are unable to reach. 

So far, they have provided clean water to 7 million people in 36 countries and have drilled 7,500+ wells from 109 Village Drills.

Village Drill testing project John and Bryan worked on together in Mona, Utah in June 2017.


Along with the unique capabilities made possible by their Village Drills, MagTrax founder Bryan Stringham has worked with them and seen first hand the amazing work they are doing.

MagTrax founder Bryan Stringham first met and partnered with founder John Renouard in 2017 while Bryan was working on his PhD in mechanical engineering at Brigham Young University. Bryan's research was focused on how to use remote, internet-connected sensors to improve people's access to clean water. was an essential partner to facilitate his research and help him work on this challenge of learning how to more effectively provide others with access to clean water.

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