"At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I had an idea and hoped to create something awesome."

Hey everyone! 

In March 2020 (one week into the quarantine shutdown in my home state of Utah caused by the COVID-19 pandemic), clutter was at an all-time high and entertainment options were at an all-time low in my house. As a PhD grad student living with my wife and son in a small apartment, I had to find or create something that would be entertaining for my son without taking up floor space and making a mess. They say "necessity is the mother of invention" and that had never been more true for me.

After extensive searching and being unable to find what I needed, I had a stroke of inspiration late on a Sunday night to create a magnetic, modular, marble track that would stick to the wall and be comprised of lots of different types of track pieces. After getting feedback from family and friends that they thought the idea was cool, I put my background in mechanical engineering and design to use and became slightly obsessed about creating the best possible marble run and see if there was a viable chance to start a business selling it to others! 

After many months and nearly 1,000 hours of designing and iterating and testing, I felt I had created a marble run worthy of sharing with the world, so I filed a patent and launched a Kickstarter in August 2020. Between the successfully funded Kickstarter, news coverage, and positive responses from my initial customers, I had enough validation to go "all in" on MagTrax, and that's what I did in October 2020.

Something I felt strongly about from day 1 was manufacturing here in the U.S. to give me tight control over the quality, support our local economy, and be less dependent on uncertainty in foreign supply chains. (Looking back on the supply chain insanity we've seen over the past year, I am really grateful I made that decision!) The tracks are manufactured and fulfilled from our headquarters right here in Utah using plastic made here in the U.S. It has been really fulfilling to me to be able to provide good jobs to good people in my community. 

I am extremely grateful for the support we've received for MagTrax and for a really awesome customer base that has been patient with us as we've made mistakes and tried to improve and provide the best marble run with the best customer service possible. The support we've received has enabled us to triple our production capacity from just over a year ago and send out hundreds of thousands of tracks to thousands of customers so far. And I hope and think that this is still just the beginning!

Thank you for supporting me and my employees and our families in this small business, and please don't hesitate to personally let me know if you have any feedback, ideas, or suggestions for MagTrax. We are truly passionate about wanting to improve and provide the coolest and best marble run set in the world, so let's keep the ball rolling!


Bryan Stringham

Founder/Inventor | MagTrax

Phone: (385)444-2762

Email: bryan@magtrax.co

Instagram: @mag.trax

Our Mission is Simple: Create a Positive Impact on the World. 

Here are a few ways we are trying to make a positive impact in 3 key areas:


  • MagTrax provides a great way for families and friends to create fun memories playing and building together.
  • MagTrax helps provide exciting alternatives to screen-related entertainment to help mind development and improve creativity.


  • MagTrax ships in a reusable drawstring storage bag. There are no frustrating zip-ties or heavy plastic encasings.
  • Our minimalist packaging consists almost entirely of recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable materials. The only plastic used in our packaging is tape and in a few reusable and recyclable ziploc bags to keep things together. 


  • We believe in supporting the local economy, so MagTrax toys are manufactured, assembled, and fulfilled right here in in the USA. The magnets are the only part of the MagTrax tracks that are sourced internationally.
  • Our production and fulfillment facility is located in Utah, and our plastic is manufactured in various locations in the U.S.

We're always looking for ways to improve our positive impact so send us an email to hello@magtrax.co if you have any ideas of how we can further improve our positive impact.