Our Mission is Simple: Create a Positive Impact on the World. 

Here are a few ways we are trying to make a positive impact in 3 key areas:


  • MagTrax helps provide exciting alternatives to screen-related entertainment to help mind development and improve creativity.
  • Social distancing guidelines and protocol are followed during MagTrax production and fulfillment.


  • The plastic used to manufacture MagTrax is sustainably sourced from plant-based renewable sources.
  • MagTrax ships in a reusable drawstring storage bag. There are no frustrating zip-ties or heavy plastic encasings.
  • Our minimalist packaging consists almost entirely of recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable materials. The only plastic used in our packaging is tape and in a few reusable and recyclable ziploc bags to keep things together. 


  • We believe in supporting the local economy, so MagTrax toys are manufactured, assembled, and fulfilled right here in in the USA. The magnets are the only part of the MagTrax tracks that are sourced internationally.
  • Our production and fulfillment facilities are in Utah, and our plastic is manufactured in Alabama. 

We're always looking for ways to improve our positive impact so send us an email to hello@magtrax.co if you have any ideas of how we can further improve our positive impact.


In March 2019, just one week into the quarantine shutdown in my home state of Utah cause by the Covid-19 pandemic, my household clutter was at an all-time high and entertainment options were at an all-time low. I had to find or create something that would be entertaining for my son without taking up floor space and making a mess. They say "necessity is the mother of invention" and that had never been more true for me as I was unable to find anything that would fit what I needed which was a buildable toy that was fun to play with but didn't make a mess! 

After extensive searching and my inability to find a good option for what I was looking for, I had a stroke of inspiration late on a Sunday night to create a magnetic, modular, marble track that would stick to the wall and be comprised of lots of different track options. Although the exact form of the tracks and connectors would come after many months and nearly a thousand hours of designing and iterating and testing, MagTrax was born! After filing a provisional patent for MagTrax, I launched a Kickstarter that helped make the initial production possible. Since then, the popularity of MagTrax has grown exponentially, and I now have a great team to help with the manufacturing, assembly, supply chain, fulfillment, marketing, and customer support. 

I couldn't be more grateful for all the support and enthusiasm that so many have shown for MagTrax, and this is just the beginning! We have many more exciting things coming. I want MagTrax to be the most customer-focused product and business there is, so if you have any feedback, ideas, or suggestions, please reach out. Let's keep the ball rolling! (I'm a dad so I can say #dadjokes like that.)


Bryan Stringham, Founder/Inventor of MagTrax