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Gabrielle Mis
The toy that saved Christmas

I explained our situation in previous email basically I injured my hand and could t work saved up and Magtrax was the big gift and they didn’t even notice that we didn’t have many presents they were too busy playing Magtrax !

heather luther

I absolutely love this! My granddaughter has been creating marble runs up and down my walls and Refrigerator. This keeps them busy and using their mind to create new tracks. And it’s made in the USA! It is so hard to find toys made in the USA! Thank you once again!

Beth Lewis
Best marble track ever!

We had been eyeing this for a while before my daughter asked for it for Christmas. Last year we installed two large Mag Panels on our dinette wall and we LOVE our “magnet wall.” The Mag Trax are the perfect compliment to it! The kids have already spent hours perfecting to see whose side will be faster and my husband and I can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Brittney H.
Our Favorite Open-Ended Toy

I love finding toys that will entertain my kids for hours on end. There are a few classics that my kids will use month after month, year after year, and MagTrax is top of the list. The possibilities are literally endless. It’s fun for all ages and a great family activity to do together. My boys recently made a little contraption that will turn off their light. The instructions and all the pieces they needed were included in the kit. It was simple enough they could complete it on their own, which made them feel so accomplished! They attached the lever to a string. When the lever is pulled, the marble is released down the wall, flipping the switch to the off position. How clever! As a mom, nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids be creative AND screen-free at the same time. But, for those days when they are feeling a little competitive, we love setting up marble races to settle the sibling rivalry. The only trouble you’re going to have is loving MagTrax more than your kids!

Alana Olson

My kids 6 & 9 played for a few hours today setting up tracks all around the house. It was a perfect toy that allowed for communication, problem solving, and working together. I highly recommend mag Trax.

Alyssa Hart
Perfect set for all ages

My two year old, 11 & 14yr old now have something they all can do together & keeps the baby busy

Daniel Bonallack
Magtrax is an excellent product

I bought Magtrax for my 8 year old's birthday. We've just spent 90 minutes together building a route on the kids' wall, and it's been the best 90 minutes ever. Sarah squeals "YES!" and "OMG!" every time she tests the route and it works successfully. When the marble flies off as it's too steep, she groans, but immediately gets to work on making adjustments. The product itself is well-made - strong, simple, intuitive, and it's well within the capabilities of an 8 year old and her father to put together. Her sister,. 10, is sent to different walls to test and report back on some of the more complicated items, like the loop-the-loop, and then we integrate into the larger path.

Very impressed. 5 stars for sure. And I'd also like to mention the customer service... it was tight getting the gift to my daughter on time, and Bryan upgraded the shipping at his cost to make sure it arrived, plus put a personal note from the inventor to my daughter.

We're delighted, and we'd love it if this review brought this product to more 8 year-olds; it's her favorite gift this year.

Daniel Bonallack

Thank you Daniel! We're so happy to hear you've all had a great time with them and that they helped make Sarah's birthday fun. We really appreciate your recommendation and support!

Will colnon
Great product

This is a great toy for any age. My son is 4 and I have just as much fun with it as he does!

Keith K
Great product. Fun with physics!

Me and my daughter have great fun playing with the Magtrax. We built it onto the front of our dishwasher since it was a nice stainless steel surface.

M. Stephen Short II
Great idea!

Fun for kids, grandkids and grandparents! Mounted 2x3 metal sheets from home improvement center with 9 command (3M) strips makes for easy changes! We have 2 sheets together, and it fits the 75 piece set. Could be as large as you want to go.