Custom Name Track
Custom Name TrackCustom Name TrackCustom Name TrackCustom Name TrackCustom Name TrackCustom Name TrackCustom Name TrackCustom Name TrackCustom Name TrackCustom Name Track
Please write the name or text to be included on the custom track. Any length is acceptable. Max recommended length is 8 characters.

Get multiple colors for RACING or building monster tracks! 

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Be the cool parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle/friend, and get them their own personalized MagTrax track with their name on it!

Available in 2 different fonts: Stencil and Britannica.

Custom track is 6" long and 1.3" tall.

Recommended maximum number of characters is 8. We can do more but the height may decrease significantly to fit it on one line.

Please be aware that custom name tracks add up to 24-48 hours of processing to the order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended age for MagTrax?

MagTrax is fun for literally all ages from young kids to teenagers to grandparents and everyone in between. We recommend ages 9+ for independently building tracks. Younger than age 9 will typically require assistance building but can enjoy helping build the track and will also enjoy rolling the marbles down the track.

What marble size does MagTrax use?

MagTrax was designed for use with standard 5/8" (16 mm) marbles, although it is compatible with smaller marbles also. Any larger and they may get stuck in various track pieces like the Switchbacks or Spider Webs.

Where can I get a large metal sheet?

Check out our tutorial at for links and instructions of where you can buy everything needed to install a removable metal sheet without making holes or damaging your wall. If you want an even larger metal sheet, check out your local HVAC supply or metal supply store. 

WARNING: Be careful because metal sheet edges can be very sharp. Always use cut resistant gloves and use care when handling.

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